fireworks night

Bonfire Night With Kids

My wife and I have been having an ongoing debate over the last week about whether young children should be taken to firework displays. I’m of the opinion that yes they should be allowed to go – as long as they are not nervous of loud noises, and of course not too young. I wouldn’t want to take them to a large affair – just a local village small scale display. But something a little more than a few measly limp rockets that we would manage to set off. My wife doesn’t agree. She has bad memories of standing at a firework display at the age of about 8 or 9 and being absolutely petrified. She thought those fireworks were going to come and land on top of her. The noise was just too much. But she felt too silly at the time to say she was scared so she[…]

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My Wife’s Birthday Present-Argh!!!

Every year it’s the same problem. What should I get my wife for her birthday present? Don’t get me wrong I have ideas. But self doubt kicks in and I’m left wondering whether my brilliant idea is something that she will really want. Or will it just be something that I think she will like but in reality she couldn’t care less. Or worse, immediately asks you for the receipt! So this year I have been trying to keep tabs on things that she says that she likes, and things that she has hung around looking at in shops. Books and beauty products – not that she needs any!! (Yes she could read this so that will give me major brownie points!!) Ok, so what was on my list? Books. There are many books that she would be interested in. Like running books and self motivation books. But I wanted something different for her this year as I[…]

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Teaching my boy football skills

So here’s the deal. When you have children you either want a little princess that you can dote after or a son who will follow you everywhere and become a mini me! So when you get both! Result! Now that they have grown up a bit and that I have gently introduced football into their lives everything was almost perfect, even my daughter was enjoying it a bit, but then it happened. My son got a best friend who was also mad about football and one day he came home and said, “Dad I’ve decided to support Liverpool!” I nearly collapsed on the spot! So now it is with heavy heart that I have to accept his decision and move on….. (for now!) Anyway, I thought that I would try to teach him some footie skills over the park as to him I am Maradona so hey, while I am still[…]

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I thought my first entry may as well be my welcome post. I have been intending to start a blog for a number of years, but life and all that kind of got in the way. Or maybe the excuses got in the way? Anyhow, I’m here now. I hope to be able to post on here on a regular basis. I love writing and this blogging lark seems the perfect outlet for my ramblings.  I intend to share my thoughts on things that interest me the most – hopefully they will interest you too. So, what does interest me? I love sport (football mainly – I’m a Spurs man!), travel (though I don’t get to go away as often as I used to!), food and drink, music and last but by absolutely not least – my wife and 2 children, a boy and a girl (oops, perhaps I should have put them first?!) Oh and I’m also a[…]

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