Bonfire Night With Kids

My wife and I have been having an ongoing debate over the last week about whether young children should be taken to firework displays.

I’m of the opinion that yes they should be allowed to go – as long as they are not nervous of loud noises, and of course not too young. I wouldn’t want to take them to a large affair – just a local village small scale display. But something a little more than a few measly limp rockets that we would manage to set off.

My wife doesn’t agree. She has bad memories of standing at a firework display at the age of about 8 or 9 and being absolutely petrified. She thought those fireworks were going to come and land on top of her. The noise was just too much. But she felt too silly at the time to say she was scared so she just suffered the experience. And she doesn’t want the same for our children.


But, I think the kids would love it and feel like they are missing out if they don’t go. So we’ve compromised. Well kind of. We are going to a local village small scale display (so I kind of have won but I’m far too mature to see it as a victory…ahem). The agreement does come with a few conditions though;

  1. We will explain to the kids before we go exactly what Bonfire Night is all about.
  2. We will tell them that they are allowed to leave at any time (not on their own – of course) and it won’t mean that we can’t try again next year.
  3. We will stand as far away from them as we can whilst still making it a fun experience.
  4. We can have sparklers (hooray!)
  5. There will be hot dogs and hot chocolates all round (hooray again!)
  6. If there is no Catherine Wheel we will have one in the back garden (that one is the wife’s request!)

What do you think? Is Bonfire Night ok for the more sensitive souls among us? Is it all a big waste of money that we shouldn’t be indulging in? Or should we just go and enjoy it, noise and all?

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