My Wife’s Birthday Present-Argh!!!

Every year it’s the same problem. What should I get my wife for her birthday present?

Don’t get me wrong I have ideas. But self doubt kicks in and I’m left wondering whether my brilliant idea is something that she will really want. Or will it just be something that I think she will like but in reality she couldn’t care less. Or worse, immediately asks you for the receipt!

So this year I have been trying to keep tabs on things that she says that she likes, and things that she has hung around looking at in shops. Books and beauty products – not that she needs any!! (Yes she could read this so that will give me major brownie points!!)

Ok, so what was on my list?

Books. There are many books that she would be interested in. Like running books and self motivation books. But I wanted something different for her this year as I always end up buying books. Plus, she now gets most things on her e-reader – it’s not that exciting to unwrap an ebook.present

So then I considered a day trip to the local spa. It was a full on pampering session with mud face packs, massages, steam rooms and aroma therapy sessions. I thought about this, but I didn’t think that she would want to go by herself. Her friends were busy for the weekend that I was going to book it for so that went out the window.

As she is into running I also considered getting her some running shoes.  I never realised just how many different types of running shoe there are. When I get trainers I am always in and out within about 10mins, dependent on the queues in the shops. But when I went to ask about the shoes it was what type of feet has she got? Do her feet swell when running? Would she need 1/2 a size bigger? Did she want air cushions soles or flat sole that were almost non-existent?

Next was a pair of ankle boots that she had been looking at online. These were my fall back present but I didn’t think that these alone were enough so I would have to look for some extras like jeans. And therein lies the next problem. Trying to buy jeans for your wife is a minefield. Why? Because you then have to have the discussion –  “Does my bum look big in this?” with your self and come up with the correct answer! Then you have to ask if you are just saying that and that you should say what you really think! Argh!!!! As a result I decided to stay clear of that minefield!

She had also been dropping a number of very unsubtle hints that she wanted a hair straightener. She had left the computer open a number of times on the Straight Hair Day website showing the best hair straighteners reviewed. She also left the occasional  picture lying on the dining table of a Cloud 9 straightener with big fluorescent yellow circles around it! (lol).

Finally the last of my options was a Fitbit Surge Fitness Super watch. Like I said she is really into her running and thought that this would be a great present. However, as we had talked about this recently, I think that she had plans to buy a his a hers for us at Christmas so that ruled this out.

Eventually after much consideration, I decided that she knows best, (only for her present!) I went for the hair straightener – which she absolutely loves. She said that If I hadn’t got it for her then she would have gone and got it anyway. Something about it being an almost essential bit of kit for todays woman. I may not have actually ended up really choosing it but she’s happy – and I got loads of brownie points for listening!


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