Teaching my boy football skills

So here’s the deal.

When you have children you either want a little princess that you can dote after or a son who will follow you everywhere and become a mini me! So when you get both! Result!

Now that they have grown up a bit and that I have gently introduced football into their lives everything was almost perfect, even my daughter was enjoying it a bit, but then it happened.

My son got a best friend who was also mad about football and one day he came home and said, “Dad I’ve decided to support Liverpool!” I nearly collapsed on the spot!

So now it is with heavy heart that I have to accept his decision and move on….. (for now!)

play-1386119_640Anyway, I thought that I would try to teach him some footie skills over the park as to him I am Maradona so hey, while I am still the greatest footballer ever I thought that I’d go with it.

Just the 2 of us at the park with our cones for goal posts and he loved it.

So the first thing that I showed him as he does have basic football skills was the art of shielding the ball from his opponent by keeping his body in between the ball and them. He loved it! Eventually he was even moving a bit as well to stop me going around him to get the ball.

Next up was one of my weaker skills. Keepy uppies! How do you teach someone how to do something that you can’t? Well I just came out and said that I wasn’t really that good but through practice I was getting better, as that was what I was trying to teach him that some of these things are not easy an don’t come quickly. So there we were both trying, and me telling him that like me when I started if I managed 2 – 3 then that would be good but after weeks of practice he would find that he was managing 10 -12 and so it would continue to improve. I can now report that he is up to about 7 – 8 and is well chuffed!

I was on a roll now so I thought that we would next try to use a very under used resource in a lot of footballers arsenals, (ugh did I say that word!), …..his left foot! I know that there are many left footed players out there and most of the ones that I know are pretty skillful with it but the amount of right footed player that only use their left foot to stand on is astounding.

A certain Mr Beckham was a good example of someone who could do wonders with his right foot but never used his left until one match against Germany when he crossed with his left and I think that the players were so shocked as was I watching that England went on to score with Teddy Sherringham, I think, and went on for a rare thrashing of Germany. (Yes!!!)

I never realised that it was so hard to try to teach someone to kick with their left foot! It was almost like trying to get him to learn how to walk again! First thing I had him do was to kick the ball slowly a few times to understand what comes so naturally when kicking with his right foot. Then we tried the same thing with his left! Then we tried some more, and some more!!!

Eventually we managed to get a reasonable kick going so then we moved onto passing by running up and down the park passing to each other and the rules were that you could only use our left feet, and that the person who did best would get the chocolate bar that I had brought with me.

So, after he finished the chocolate bar, and didn’t even offer me any, we decided that it was time for penalties and I lost 5-4!!!

I loved taking him over the park and I really think that he loved it too as now I see him try some of the things that we were doing over the park when he plays football so it was all worth while. All I have to do now is to work on this Liverpool FC problem!!!


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